"Santiago a Mil" Festival

CNC report from Santiago
Added On January 9, 2013

Giant giraffes walking down the street with fire may seem like something that only comes in dreams. But in Chile, residents are bringing this image to life.

The festival "Santiago a Mil" has kicked off in Chile, with a piece of art work named "The Giraffes."

A massive amount of spectators and visitors gathered together in the streets of Santiago to watch the show.

"The Giraffes" is the first international show in Santiago a Mil.

With a total of 50 performers, the show tells a story of a circus director who marries an opera singer.

Manipulated by Chilean and French performers, giraffes with men on stilts inside, moved their long necks to greet the public.

Culture Minister Luciano Cruz-Coke called on families to attend the festival presentations to spread the happiness of the summer days.

The assembly of "The Giraffes" was created 13 years ago by a French company, giving life to a show that brings together dance and a theater show.

It was noted that in this version of the festival "Santiago a Mil", the guest is France. Over recent weeks, new and extraordinary performances will take to the streets of the capital.

The final act was performed in front of the government palace, La Moneda, in the public square, where thousands of people were given exciting and amazing artistic shows.