Released Iranians back home

CNC report from Tehran
Added On January 11, 2013

48 Iranians released by Syria's rebels in a prisoner swap deal are now back home.

They were abducted in August last year, and had since been held by Syrian militants.

The 48 Iranians arrived at Tehran's Mehrabad airport on Thursday, and were welcomed by their family and Iranian officials.

They were released a day earlier by Syrian rebels, as part of a prisoner swap deal brokered by Turkey and Qatar.

They had been held for five months by the militants.

The Syrian rebels alleged they were Iranian military officials, but Iran said they were pilgrims.

The swap deal was the largest in Syria's 22-month old conflict.

In return, the Syrian government released more than 2,000 of its inmates, mostly Syrians but also including a few foreigners such as Turks.