Lenovo horizon wins Best of CES

CNC report from Las Vegas
Added On January 12, 2013

Obsessed with electronic gadgets and devices? Then you won't want to miss the news from this year's CES in Las Vegas.

Chinese PC manufacturing giant Lenovo has hit the sweet spot at the world's largest consumer electronics trade show.

Its newly released half-PC and half-tablet product has grabbed the "Best of CES" Award.

A victory for Chinese innovation.

Lenovo's been lauded for its Horizon all-in-one PC...

It's designed to lie flat on a table-top and support interaction with two or more people.

On top of Microsoft's new operating system, Windows 8, Lenovo has added its own multi-user interface called Auro.

Most of Horizon's programs on display at the show have been games, such as air hockey, a four-player shooting game.

Lenovo wants customers to think of Horizon not so much as a semi-portable desktop, but instead as a group-orientated device.

"In the past, only hardware and speed mattered for the Internet handset devices... But today, hardware, software and applications all must work together, and it is essential to create a great user experience."

CNET, the well-known consumer news and reviews brand, says Lenovo's Horizon takes coffee-table computing to a new level.

The device is set to start shipping this summer.

More than 600 Chinese tech companies were represented at CES this year,including other major brands like Haier, Hisense and Huawei.