History of London Underground

CNC report from London
Added On January 20, 2013

Many Londoners who travel using the London underground in their daily life, were amused when they heard the "Mind the Gap" announcements during the celebration of the 2012  New Year's Eve London fireworks display.

Now, they can visit a particular scene by starting the nostalgic journey in London Transport Museum around Covent Garden. A series of events are being held by the London Transport Museum to celebrate the world's first Underground railway.
The London underground has been active for 150 years, since the London's Tube network was established in 1863. 150 years of history of the London Tube will be fully showcased through a number of exciting events, including a ride on the steam train Locomotive No.1 pulling the ‘Jubilee’ carriage, Tube art exhibitions and talks on the history of the Underground.

"There is an old courage upstairs, which I used to travel a lot. It's nearly the end of its life when I travelled with it. It brings back my memories."
This timetable recorded the Opening Metropolitan Railway on January 10, 1863, when the London Tube was first opened. And this Circle Line Map shows how the Circle Line was built all the way back to 1863-64. Seen from the original carriage of the tubes, visitors will have a glimpse of how people in the Victorian era travelled in the train.

This poster made in 1870 describes the London Underground didn't run during the Christmas holiday. Visitors who are interested in train transport as well as the art that relates to the London Underground will have a full understanding of the 150 years' history by viewing the architecture of the tube stations, the famous underground map, the logo and the poster collections. 

All of these will tell a good story of the past, present and future of the London underground.

"London Transport Museum is a great place to learn the history of the tube. Once you've been here and experience it, you'll be able to look up for those things when you travel on the tube in London as well."

An exhibition celebrating Tube Art called "Poster Art 150"– London Underground's Greatest Designs will feature 150 designs chosen by an independent panel during the period of Feb 15th to  October 27th of in the London Transport Museum.