Lao food festival in Vientiane

CNC report from Vientiane
Added On January 25, 2013

The highly popular annual three-day Lao Food Festival kicked off in Laos' capital city Vientiane on Wednesday morning。

The festival was designed by the Lao Buisnesswomen's Association and runs from Jan. 23rd to the 25th.

The festival was designed by the Lao Buisnesswomen's Association (LBWA) to enable micro-entrepreneurs to show traditional Lao food, food specialties, and other non-food items from all over the country.

Since its inception in 2006, the festival has become so popular that numerous other businesses now use it for advertising and marketing their products.

The festival is also an opportunity for female entrepreneurs to update and upgrade their management and business skills in an effort to enhance the growth and competitiveness of their enterprises, in line with the central goals of the LBWA.

The LBWA is the largest association of business and professional women in Laos. It represents mainly female-owned and female-managed enterprises in the country.

The association encourages all small and medium scale businesswomen to become members in order to promote their skills and develop their professional and personal networks.