Chicago auto show

CNC report from Chicago
Added On February 11, 2013

The ongoing Chicago Auto Show boasts many popular vehicles around the world: Audi, Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Volvo, Toyota...

Let's have a taste of the largest consumer auto show in North America.
From passenger cars, trucks, sport-utility vehicles, minivans to concept cars, nearly 1,000 vehicles will be showed at the Chicago Auto Show.

It will run from Feb. 9 to 18.

The enormous exhibition hall covers more than one million square feet at the McCormick Place.
On the first two days opened to media, Toyota Fun-Vii draws great attention.
The Fun-Vii is an electric vehicle with three seats. One can check the battery and the functions from remote.

Using an app, one can also change the image of the vehicle easily.
Jeep's manager says the "Hill Assist and Hill Descent" feature controls Camp Jeep to climb mountains via a button on the dashboard.
Chrysler has two indoor tracks and a Jeep course with hills.

Riders in the Grand Cherokee, Wrangler or Camp can see what performance these vehicles can deliver.
Chicago is one of the four U.S. auto show bases, along with Los Angeles, Detroit, and New York.

The show is the biggest one attended by the most consumers in North America.