"Shanghai Calling" Premieres

CNC report from Los Angeles
Added On February 16, 2013

Model-turned actor Daniel Henney, Chinese actress Zhu Zhu and American TV star Eliza Coupe from "Happy Ending" celebrated the Los Angeles premiere of their new film "Shanghai Calling" at TCL Chinese Theatre.

Many celebrities and fans were attracted to the event to enjoy the very first glance of this film. Cast members and filmmakers gathered on the red carpet to share their stories of the film with the audience.

With a joint effort of Chinese and American filmmakers, this romance comedy provides audience with a cross-cultural experience in 21st-century Shanghai.

SOUNDBITE: ZHU ZHU, Leading actress
"The film, I think it's funny. It's a great comedy. And also I think all the actors are great. Daniel was great. Eliza was great. Geng Le was really very outstanding as well. And also I think it's very interesting to see it from the movie's point of view of the cultural difference between China and America."

"I found that when I took people over to China, they were very surprised. They were shocked. I think the reason is they never got a chance to China on film. So they only read articles about China. They didn't get a feel for it, you know, the smells, the colors, the whole atmosphere, so that was the first. I had this intention even before I met Daniel. So when Daniel found me, we found that our senses are very aligned."

Inspired by the real experience of his friend, the director tells us a story of how a Chinese-American young attorney Sam played by Daniel Henney solves his first career crisis in Shanghai with help of his American friends, his beautiful assistant played by Zhu Zhu, and a smart journalist played by Geng Le. During this process, he also encounters his love with Eliza Coupe and gradually gets to know his heritage.

"A very good friend of mine decided he was gonna move to China, and he didn't speak any Chinese and had never lived outside the US. But after a couple of years, he was fluent in Chinese. He could read and write Chinese, and he was telling me all these hilarious stories about what it's like to be an American immigrant living in China. And that's a very upside down idea for Americans, because Americans we are trying to think that, you know, America is a land of immigrants when sure enough today in modern world many many people are moving to China to find jobs, and to settle down. That's what this world is about. That’s what this movie is about."

"You can expect a significant change throughout the film which I think is very important for any character. He's kind of real jerk at the very beginning, and through his friends he meets in China, through the expects, through the local Chinese people he meets and falls in love with, he realizes that he can do things the way they think he can, which is a good message for everyone."

"I don't think anyone's seen a film like this set in China. I think you know normally, it's funny when I told people I was doing a film in China, they immediately thought I was doing an action film. And it was like no I was doing a fun romantic comedy. And I like that because it's such a beautiful city and such amazing place. I don't know if it has been seen through that lens before."

Since its debut at 2012 Shanghai International Film Festival, "Shanghai Calling" has earned many rewards including "Best New Actor" and "Best Screenwriter" from Shanghai International Film Festival as well as "Best New Director" from 2012 Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival, and now it's time for American audience to expect an exotic romance journey during this year's Chinese New Year and Valentine's Day.