Belgium Protest against Austerity

CNC report from Brussels
Added On February 22, 2013

Thousands of people have rallied in Brussels to protest the government's austerity measures.

Like many other countries in the EU, Belgium has had to tighten its belt to reduce the public deficit and battle an economic crisis sweeping the continent.

Nearly 10,000 employees from Belgium's three main trade unions joined the protest on Thursday.

They marched in the center of the capital city to express anger against the freezing salaries policy, and called for fairer and more progressive taxation.

"This is a main strike about the employees -- their wages are blocked. We want compensation. We want our government to do more for the working people, not just for the big capital."

"The negotiation is still going on. We try to get some pressure on it. We hope they will get some results. If there is no (good) result, we will come back."

Belgium has seen several nationwide demonstrations and strikes since 2009 due to the economic crisis.

Similar protests or strikes were also held in other cities and towns of the country on Thursday.