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CNC report from Belgrade, Yaroslavl, Minsk
Added On February 24, 2013

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The 41st international film festival "FEST" kicked off Friday in Belgrade, and in next ten days it will screen some 75 films, from 41 countries.
FEST kicked off with Michael Haneke's "Love", a co-production from France, Germany and Austria and 2012 Cannes Golden Palm winner. It was officially opened by American actor Michael Madson.

"I wish to thank the organizers for inviting me in this beautiful city. I wish you all happiness and peace and I pronounce this Festival wide open."

In the past four decades, more than four million viewers visited FEST, nicknamed "Festival of the festivals," for its tradition of screening only the best festival selections of contemporary film.

This year over 65,000 film lovers purchased their tickets in advance.

43 people from the Locomotive hockey team perished in a plane crash in September last year.

Many people have come to the cemetery twice a week to visit their family members or friends who passed away in the tragedy.

Many of them haven't watched hockey since.

The whole city supported the team.

But there is a new team ready to pay back their loyal fans.
There is not a vacant seat in the arena which can hold 9 thousand people.

This was the first playoff match in the Gagarin’s Cup.
Unfortunately, the fortune wasn't on the side of Locomotive.

But fans supported their team as they always did and believe that it's just a beginning.

About 500 leading bicycle racers from over 50 countries and regions arrived in Minsk to take part in the UCI Track Cycling World Championships on Wednesday .

A total of 19 medal events will be held in Minsk.

As track cycling being one of the most popular sporting events in the country, the world championships get extensive coverage in mass media.

25 TV channels, which have over 150 million audience members worldwide, will broadcast the event live.


American producer and screenwriter JJ Abrams hosted the award ceremony. Many filmmakers and celebrities from both the United States and Ireland gathered on the special "Green Carpet" to support the Irish art and express their congratulations to the honorees.

As one of the most popular actors in Hollywood, Irish film star Colin Farrell won recognition world wide with film "Tigerland" in 2000, and earned a Golden Globe for his excellent acting in "In Bruges".

Another honoree, Irish-born make-up artist Michele Burke has won two Academy Awards for Best Makeup with films "Quest for Fire" and "Bram Stoker's Dracula".

2013 marks the eighth annual "Oscar Wilde: Honoring the Irish in Film" event put on by the US-Ireland Alliance.