Becoming Picasso:Paris 1901

CNC report from London
Added On February 25, 2013

The Courtauld Gallery in London starts "Becoming Picasso: Paris 1901" exhibition from this month, showcasing the early works of Spanish modern artist Pablo Picasso.

The exhibit tells the remarkable story of Pablo Picasso's breakthrough year as an artist, in which he launched his career and reputation on Paris.

The exhibit has two parts, telling the story of Picasso earning fame and first time forming style of his own. 7 paintings in the first part reunites major works from his debut exhibition in Paris, 1901. The other 11 figure paintings in the second part witness the formation of his first art style.

"What we brought together are works of Picasso from around the world. Far a few are from Russia, America including his most famous early self-portrait Yo-Picasso, his groups of absinthe drinker harlequin and then some of his early Blue period pictures."

The 3 years after 1901 was Picasso's Blue period, when his works were drawn mainly in blue and bluish green. However, those that mark the beginning of the famous Blue period have been always overlooked and seldom appeared in exhibitions.

"Becoming Picasso: Paris 1901" made up for this, offering a unique opportunity to experience the birth of Picasso's artistic genius.

"We are making the case for it to be seen as a pivotal moment and therefore we bring a fresh perspective on the importance of this year for his early development."

The exhibit will last for three months.