National Orchestra's US tour

CNC report from Los Angeles
Added On March 12, 2013

And finally, on Friday, the China National Symphony Orchestra finished its U.S. tour in Los Angeles...

Its 53-day tour marks the longest and largest performance by a Chinese national arts group in the United States.

The China National Symphony Orchestra held their final performances in L.A. on Thursday and Friday... and return home with high praise:

SOUNDBITE: Flo Buchanan, Audience
"It's lovely lovely beautiful music."

SOUNDBITE: Victoria Joe, Audience
"It's kind of takes my breath away, I feel, and I have my tears, I feeling I was longing in the air, which is really touch my heart, especially the background, the story behind it, it really makes me feel like, I have so much heart for those people who suffer."
(Q: Have you heard about this China National Symphony Orchestra in the past? Is this reason for you to be here?)
"I am from Taiwan, I am proud of to be a Chinese too. I believe Asian people, their skills are one of the top notch in the world, and I am really proud of them. I want to present myself as a Chinese, and I am just so proud."

The orchestra put on 30 performances in the U.S. - where theatres are increasingly keen to attract Chinese performers:

SOUNDBITE: Annie Hylton, City and theater marketing manager
"We like to say we host world class performers, and so we do have ensembles and orchestra from the United States as well as internationally.  And we like to bring the finest musicians to our community. That is why we are so honor and so happy to have the China National Symphony performs here tonight."

SOUNDBITE: SHAO EN, Principal guest conductor
"China has an increasing influence around the people want to know more about the Chinese culture...its music and other art forms... which will help them understand the country."

The China National Symphony Orchestra was founded in 1956 and is one of the most famous in the country.