Modern American life exhibit

CNC reporting from London
Added On March 17, 2013

The Royal Academy of Arts has launched a retrospective exhibition about famous American realist painter, George Bellows, whose works are named Modern American Life.

British tourists have the opportunity to see how American society looked a century ago, through his artwork like George's boxing series and those depicting the New York City landscape.
George Bellows is one of the greatest painters in America, whose fascination with New York' s gritty urban landscape, its technology, and its diversity of inhibitions.

This made him both an artist of the modern city and an insightful observer of the dynamic and challenging decades of the early 20th century.

Visitors will have a general view though his works like naked children playing alongside the river, the juvenile street fight, breathe and Park Beach procession, carriages and pedestrians crowded streets. Most of his works in the exhibition have never been shown in the UK.
"He is well known in America. He is an American artist as you know, but he is not been terribly well known here in Britain. We hope it can be an exciting discovery for our audience."

Royal Academy of Arts' new exhibition will feature more than 70 pieces of works from George Bellows, including 39 paintings, 15 drawings and 17 lithographs, covering Bellows' career between 1905 and 1925.

One century ago, the United States experienced great changes brought by the continuous wave of immigration and rising international trade. It was a dynamic and challenging time for realistic writers and artists.
Bellows' exhibit will mainly explore the principle themes of his work, featuring illegal boxing fights, cityscapes, views of the Hudson and East Rivers, social scenes, seascapes, portraits and the First World War.

As the leading artist of American Realism, Gorge Bellows enjoyed a high reputation for his painting skills as well as his insight observation into American modern life, which made him stand out as the great record of American social history.

For example, his work, Stag at Starkey's, depicted illegal boxing for entertaining at that time.

Brutal boxers and relaxed watchers composed the excellent painting of the sports theme.

"He is very good at painting the crowd and people who are enjoying watching boxing or fishing, doing ordinary things. He is a great artist of everyday thing."

The show will last from March 16 to June 9. Evening events and free gallery talks about George Bellows and other painters will carry on during the exhibition.