Talking trash cans in Gaza

CNC reporting from Gaza
Added On March 21, 2013

In Gaza, a group of schoolboys are proud of their own designs.

Their work may not make it to the international stage or contribute to the fashion industry, but they do improve the living conditions around them.

Ten boys in a Gaza Strip school have designed special talking trash cans to encourage their classmates to keep their school environment clean.

It took them three weeks to make three such trash bins.

The project is the first of its kind in Palestine schools and it was sponsored by a local NGO, while the school's science teacher directed and supervised the process.

"The project of the talking trash can is one of the most important projects we ever done.  We thought to start this project because students did not keep the school recently, so we contacted a local NGO to help us design these trash bins. After we place the trash cans at the school, we can see that the school become cleaner and more beautiful."

By adopting these trash cans, the school is trying to encourage students to keep their campus clean.

The cans thank whoever throws trash in it. School officials say the kids love using the trash boxes and the school has become more clean.

It's also meant to make students follow this behavior on the streets and at home as well.

Designing such trash cans is not very difficult for a science teacher, but for 12-year-old boys, the task is really hard.

At the workshop, the kids are taught how to connect electrical circles together to produce a voice that thanks the users of the trash can.

SOUNDBITE: AHMED ABU YSSIF, Transh can designer
"I was so encouraged to participate in this project because it will help keep my school clean. I also wanted to get a knowledge about creating the electrical circles. I was was an unprecedented experience for me and I really liked it."

"Before these talking garbage cans, the school (is) dirty all the time, but now students like to use it and our school became clean."