Mandela in hospital

CNC report from Johnneburg
Added On March 29, 2013

Former South African President Nelson Mandela has been readmitted to hospital with a lung infection.

But doctors say the 94-year-old is responding positively to treatment.

President Jacob Zuma has appealed to the public NOT to panic.

The health condition of the anti-apartheid icon is gripping the hearts of South Africans.

The 94-year-old was hospitalized just before midnight on Wednesday. Reports say he was conscious then. It's expected he'll spend a second night in care.

Doctors say Mandela is responding positively to treatment and President Zuma also says he's fine and that the public mustn't panic.

The government, however, doesn't say which hospital Mandela was admitted into.

The health of Mandela is deteriorating.

It's the second time he's hospitalized this month. Just in December, he finished a nearly three-week stay in medical care. Before that, he got another lung infection treatment and a gallstone surgery.

Although he's retired from public life for years, Mandela still enjoys high prestige both at home and abroad.

His last public appearance was in 2010 for South Africa's football World Cup final.