White House Easter Egg Roll Saved

Added On April 3, 2013

Because of a sequester shortfall, it appeared the 135-year-old annual Easter Egg Roll at the White House in the US would have to be canceled. But the US Congress passed a measure to keep the government funded for 6 months at the last minute, and corporate sponsors stepped in to save the White House event from cancellation.

The White House said 35 thousand people attended the Easter Egg Roll -- The most ever. That's a lot of people to fit on the White House back lawn, but the President and Mrs Obama were there supervising the kids as they searched for hidden eggs in bushes and trees and the tradition of inviting the nations children to hunt for eggs and enjoy the  symbols of the holiday, like the Easter Bunny were all there.

The tradition was started in 1878 with the administration of then President Rutherford B. Hayes....and informally, it goes back even farther to the early 1860-s when Abraham Lincoln was president.

The National Park Service, worried that budget cuts would cancel the event, allowed corporate sponsorship and donations, and souvenirs were sold to help pay for it. The Kids had a great time, and it looked like Barack Obama was having fun too....and in a place that is the center of American power and prestige, the Easter Egg Roll provided an opportunity, for a few  hours at least, to set aside the weighty matters of statecraft for the sheer joy of watching children be children, and White House staffers and parents be kids again.