Chinese dies in Boston blasts

CNC report from Beijing
Added On April 17, 2013

Officials from the Chinese Consulate General in New York confirmed on Tuesday that a Chinese national was killed in Monday's Boston Marathon blasts.

... While another Chinese student was injured, but is in stable condition.

Of the three people who lost their lives in the blasts at the finishing line of the Boston Marathon on Monday, authorities have confirmed that one of them was Chinese...

But relatives have asked for the deceased, to remain antonymous.

The other two who were suddenly killed in the explosions have been identified... as Krystle Campbell... and eight-year-old Martin Richard.

Chinese consulate officials say they're doing all they can to fly relatives of those injured to the United States, to tend their loved ones...

Including Zhou Danling, a graduate student at Boston University, who was injured - but is now in stable condition, after two surgeries since being admitted to Boston Medical Center.

Aside from these physical casualties, the attack in Boston has left other marks in China...

Organizers say 87 Chinese nationals, aged between 20 and 65 and including 17 women, were registered for the Boston International Marathon.

On Tuesday, Chinese President Xi Jinping sent condolences to U.S. President Barack Obama over the bombings.

In his message, Xi expressed his deep sympathy and sincere condolences to the U.S. government and its people over the losses and casualties caused by the bombings.

Also on Tuesday, a Foreign Ministry spokeswoman said China has strongly condemned and is firmly opposed to any attack targeting common people.

She said China attaches great importance to safeguarding overseas Chinese citizens...