New Efforts to Prevent H7N9

CNC reporting from Beijing
Added On April 19, 2013

China officially confirmed the virus late last month.

According to health authorities, its H7N9 cases are isolated... and there's still no sign of human-to-human transmission...

But the government is still taking steps to stop the spread of the virus, between birds and people.

The central government has suspended wild bird sales.

On Thursday, the State Forestry Administration told local authorities to beef up their surveillance, suspend wild bird sales and ban close contact between humans and animals in zoos.

The notice also asks authorities to train staff to treat animals that have died from unidentified diseases.

Health authorities say the Chinese mainland will also provide Taiwan with human H7N9 bird flu virus strain, allowing the two sides to jointly explore new detection and prevention methods.

And a batch of the virus will be sent to Taiwan on Friday.

Earlier this month, another batch of such strain provided by the government's disease control center had been sent to the World Health Organization.

In the hope that sharing samples of the virus strain globally, will help scientists to find a cure.