Italian president sworn in

CNC reporting from Rome
Added On April 23, 2013

The 87-year-old Napolitano was sworn in on Monday.

He's urging political parties to reach a deal on a new government without delay.

Napolitano has announced a "rapid round of consultations" with political leaders on the formation of a new government, starting early on Tuesday.

"If I will be again in front of the absurdities such as those with whom I have clashed in the past, I will not hesitate to draw the consequences in front of the country. We cannot anymore."

Napolitano was re-elected on Saturday with more than 70 percent of the votes by parliamentarians and regional representatives.

His reelection comes after most parties in parliament asked him to stay on after politicians failed to elect a successor in five inconclusive rounds of presidential voting.

The President says he appreciates that many newly-elected lawmakers of a diverse generation put so much trust in him.

But Napolitano says his reelection was a "serious test" of his strength.

"I will practice with heightened sense of limits as well as those with unchanged impartiality that the constitution gives me. And I will do until the situation in the country and the institutions will suggest me and still forces will allow me to do."

Though Napolitano has been officially elected for a full seven-year term, most observers believe once the present political crisis is resolved, he will probably resign within a year.