Asian Banker Summit

CNC report from Jakarta
Added On April 25, 2013

Emmanuel Daniel, chairman of Asian Banker, says this year's Asian Banker Summit --  held in Jakarta Tuesday to Thursday -- focuses on building an integrated financial services infrastructure in the Asia region.

"Focusing Asian financial integration, how Asian countries create better benefit and how each other get synergy and greater access to each other economy, the greater access not only focus on trade but also on services and especially financial services, greater opportunities for merger acquisition among financial services provider in a different market. Asia is a very complex region, as you can see China is the largest bank in the region, and China's objectives investing in other part of Asia especially in ASEAN, would be different from other country like Japan or Australia and the European zone and the US."

It's believed that this integration will aid the movement of capital and people between countries in the region, consolidate financial resources and generate scale that will enable more Asian financial institutions to compete on the global stage.

Daniel says the challenge is in creating the transition from a highly fragmented to a highly consolidated and competitive market place.

The summit focuses on the implications and roadmap for greater cross-border integration on all fronts -- transaction banking, payments, capital markets as well as greater access at all levels.

The Asian Banker Summit is Asia's leading event in the financial services industry.