Bangladesh building collapse toll rises, protests erupt

CNC reporting from Dhaka
Added On April 27, 2013

Moving to Bangladesh.

Two days after an eight-storey building collapsed near the capital Dhaka, dozens of people have been pulled alive from the debris. But the death toll has now passed 300 and is feared to rise further.

As rescue is still going on, anger is building up on the streets over how the disaster could happen.

There's still hope that more people can survive.

Hundreds of rescuers are digging through the wreckage of the doomed building which collapsed on Wednesday morning. It's believed some of those trapped are still alive and cries for help can still be heard.

Officials say more than 80 people were pulled alive from the debris on Friday. That brings the total number of rescued people to over 2,200. About half of them are injured.

But hundreds remain missing.  It's believed more than 3,000 people were inside the building when it caved in.

As rescue is going on, serious questions are raised on how this could happen.

The eight-storey Rana Plaza building houses a shopping center and several garment factories.

Authorities say cracks had been found in the building and they had order an evacuation one day before it fell, but the factories ignored the order.

Bangladesh is the world's second-largest exporter of garments, with the industry employing 3.6 million people.  But the booming business is sometimes at the cost of blood and lives.

The collapse has sparked wide anger over garment workers' poor conditions.

On Friday, thousands of workers took to the streets in Dhaka, demanding harsh punishment for owners of the collapsed building and the factories .

Clashes erupted between the protestors and police, with about 50 people injured.