Bangladesh building collapse

CNC report from Dhaka
Added On April 28, 2013

Bangladesh has made a string of arrests over the collapse of a factory complex near the capital Dhaka.

Four days after the accident, over 350 people have been confirmed dead, as exhausted rescuers scrambled to find more survivors among the wreckage.

In one of the worst tragedies to hit Bangladesh in four decades, officials said 352 bodies have been pulled out of the collapsed building so far.

But more survivors were also found.

On Saturday, three days after the deadly accident occurred, 29 people were pulled out alive from beneath the rubble.

That brings the total number of people rescued to over 2,500, and raises hopes that more lives could be saved as the rescue operation goes on.

But as rescue continues, serious questions were asked on how this tragedy could have happened.

The eight-storey Rana Plaza building, located just outside the capital Dhaka, houses a shopping center and several garment factories.

Authorities said cracks had been found in the building and they had ordered an evacuation one day before it fell, but the factories ignored the order.

Reports said police arrested three factory owners and two engineers after Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina vowed to hunt down all those responsible for the disaster.

They face preliminary charges of causing death by negligence.

The owner of the collapsed building was still on the run.

The government has launched a massive search for him, who is reportedly a ruling party official.

Bangladesh is the world's second largest garment manufacturer and the industry is the mainstay of the economy.

The collapse on Wednesday has sparked wide anger over the poor conditions for millions of garment workers.

Some took to the streets, clashing with police and forcing many factories to shut down.

In some areas, police used tear gas, water cannons and rubber bullets to quell demonstrators who burned cars.