Italy PM: Europe needs more Growth

CNC reporting from Berlin
Added On May 1, 2013

Italy's new Prime Minister Enrico Letta says Rome will stick to its promises but Europe has to do its part.

He told German Chancellor Angela Merkel that European countries should  make economic growth, instead of debt reduction, the top priority.

Hours after winning the confirmation vote in parliament, Italian Prime Minister Letta goes to Germany.

His first foreign visit is intended to seek support from European leaders to ease the pressure on Itary to pursue painful austerity measures. 

The 46-year-old says his government will do everything necessary to keep its public finances in order.

But, he said, Europe has to do more to lift growth instead of limiting its efforts to austerity.

Letta took the helm of the euro zone's third biggest economy in the middle of the worst crisis for 20 years.

German Chancellor Merkel paid tribute to Italy's efforts on fighting the debt crisis.

But she reiterated that fiscal consolidation and growth are both essential to improve Italy's economy.

Germany has long championed Europe's belt-tightening approach.