Big Photo Show Ends in LA

CNC reporting from Los Angeles
Added On May 7, 2013

The Big Photo Show concluded in Los Angeles Convention Center Sunday.

As the first in a series of photography events for photo enthusiasts and aspiring photo pros in the United States, it attracted 17,000 people registering for the event.

More than 50 imaging suppliers, retailers and service providers as well as professional photographers, framers and other experts attended the show.

Soundbite: JENNIFER KRUGER, Director of Communication
"We've got everything from the people just like to take great pictures for their kids all the way through amateur, photographers even pros around. We've got great event here with all kinds of equipment for people to see and touch and try. We have great shooting opportunities with live models and have famous cars from Hollywood movies, famous TV shows. And we got all kinds of education with top professional photographers in the country here. So we got a really great event for anybody who interests in photography."

Besides the regular exhibit booths, there were many special zones as well, such as the Education Theaters, which has 15 professional photographers teaching about techniques of shooting; and Photo Shooting Zone, which provides opportunities to practice those techniques attracted lots of photography fans.

Soundbite: JOHN BRUEL, Vice President of Specialty Retailers SONY
"I mean the one thing that technology is changing quickly, and it's better technology today. But a lot of people want to know about what they can do other than taking out of the box, pushing the button and taking automatic photos."

Soundbite: KEN PIVAK, President of Digital 1 to 1
"This is the first time releasing what we do to the public directly. We've been with retailers for years and they showed the products to their customers. Now for the first time people get to meet us who are in the show so that we have direct way to get contact with customers who are going to our website."

The Big Photo Show was hosted by the Worldwide Community of Imaging Association, which helps the photo imaging communities starting in 1924.