Israeli PM Arrives in Beijing

CNC reporting from Beijing
Added On May 8, 2013

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu arrives in Beijing on Wednesday to continue his five-day official visit to China, after his several meetings in Shanghai.

In a meeting with Shanghai's mayor, he suggested China and Israel can boost cooperation in technology and manufacturing.

Netanyahu arrived in Shanghai on Monday, starting his official visit to China.

During his visit, Netanyahu visited the Shanghai Jewish Refugees Museum, tracking the history of the 30,000 Jewish refugees Shanghai sheltered during World War II.

He also met with representatives of Israeli entrepreneurs in China...

And said Israel is willing to strengthen cooperation with Shanghai in various fields, including technology, trade, and culture.

Mayor Yang Xiong introduced Netanyahu to ongoing aircraft and aerospace programs and competitive areas in Shanghai, including bio-medicine, information technology, new energy and architecture.
He said Israel hopes to apply its technological achievements to the huge market and high manufacturing skills in China, to further Israel's innovation.

The Israeli Prime Minister's China visit comes just one day after Palestinian President, Mahmoud Abbas, arrived in Beijing.

Abbas paid a state visit to China from May 5th to the 7th.

Earlier, China's Foreign Ministry called for steps to be taken by Israel to stop building settlements in Palestinian territory as a key part in resuming peace talks...

And to lift the blockade on the Gaza strip.