China Opposes Pentagon Report

CNC reporting from Beijing
Added On May 8, 2013

On Monday, the US Defense Department released its annual report to Congress on China's military.

One day later, Chinese Foreign Ministry expressed its opposition.

The 83-page report is titled Military and Security Development involving the People's Republic of China 2013.

It claims China is using state-backed espionage to acquire its military technology and advance its defense development...

On Tuesday, China's Foreign Ministry said China firmly opposes the report.. and that China's development is peaceful:

SOUNDBITE(CHINESE): HUA CHUNYING, Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman
"China has always adhered to the path of peaceful development, pursued a military strategy which is defensive in nature and become a staunch force in safeguarding peace and stability in Asia, the Pacific region and the world. China's necessary and moderate military buildup, which meets the country's needs, is completely aimed at safeguarding the country's independence, sovereignty and territorial integrity and part of the country's justified rights."

The spokeswoman said the report unjustly criticizes China's justified and normal military development, plays up China's military threat and damages trust and cooperation between the two countries.

The report also mentions China's territorial dispute with Japan concerning the Diaoyu Islands in the East China Sea.

It says in September 2012, China began using improperly drawn straight baseline claims around the Diaoyu Islands, adding to its network of maritime claims inconsistent with international law.

In response, the spokeswoman urged the U.S. not to take sides in the dispute:

SOUNDBITE(CHINESE): HUA CHUNYING, Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman
"The United States has repeatedly said it does not have a position on the island dispute. We hope the U.S. will match its words with its actions, and to do more that will help regional peace and stability, not to send wrong signals."

Hua said Chinese government has drawn the straight baseline fully in compliance with the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea and relevant international practices.

The report also accuses the Chinese government and military's cyber attacks against U.S. government computer networks in 2012.

Hua said groundless accusations and speculation will only damage ties between the world's two biggest economies.