Turkey Border Town Blasts

CNC reporting from Ankara
Added On May 12, 2013

Turkish officials are pointing fingers at the Syrian government for involvement in deadly twin car bombings in a border town.

The blasts killed at least 43 people and injured over 100 others.

The attacks are expected to further raise tension in the region.

The twin bombs exploded in the town of Reyhanli on Saturday, ripping into crowded streets near a shopping district.

Many cars were smashed, and restaurants and cafes destroyed.

Officials said the death toll could rise further, as several of the injured were in serious conditions.

Shortly after the attacks occurred, Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu called them an act of "provocation".

And Deputy Prime Minister Besir Atalay said investigations showed Syria's intelligence agency, al-Mukhabarat, was behind the twin blasts.

Turkey is a strong supporter of the Syrian opposition, and Saturday's blasts were the deadliest on the Turkish side of the border since Syria's unrest began more than two years ago.

The town of Reyhanli, located on the Turkish border with Syria, is home to thousands of Syrian refugees.

Local media said tension had already been running high in the area for a couple of weeks, with a gang fight reported between Syrian refugees and Turkish youths.

After the deadly blasts on Saturday, some Turkish residents took to the streets, protesting against the government's policy toward Syria.

Reports said some even beat up Syrian refugees.

But officials have ruled out the suggestion that refugees were involved in the bombings.