FAO expects strong food production in 2013

CNC report from Rome
Added On May 12, 2013

The Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) said on Thursday that strong growth is expected for global wheat, grain and rice production this year.

According to FAO's monthly forecasts, global wheat production of this year is expected to reach 695 million tonnes, 5.4 percent up from last year's harvest.

Coarse grains production is expected to set a new record at 1,266 million tonnes, 9.3 percent up on the previous high of 1,167 million tonnes registered in 2011.

Maize is forecast to account for about 960 million tonnes, some 10 percent up from last year.

The bulk of the increase is expected in the United States, the world's largest producer, where maize plantings are forecast to reach their highest level this year since 1936.

The FAO foresees rice production this coming season to rise to 497.7 million tonnes, 16 million tonnes more than last year, with particularly large increases expected in India and Indonesia.

Despite the expected production increases, the FAO says world cereal utilization is expected to stagnate, constrained by rising grain prices and faltering ethanol demand.