Wuzhen Drama Festival

CNC report from Wuzhen
Added On May 12, 2013

Performers and drama directors from home and abroad are gathering in east China's Zhejiang Province to participate in the first Wuzhen Drama Festival.

The carnival aims to encourage young artists in pursuing their dreams, by offering funds for the best play and artist.

Let's take a look.

The festival kicks off in Wuzhen, a Chinese version of Venice.

During the following ten days, 500 plays will be put on stage, blending multiple cultures, tradition and modernity as well as life and art.

The stage provides chances for many young artists.

Yang Yufeng, 32, became a drama director 10 years ago, and has dozens of works.

But now he has to give up drama due to cash strain.

"China's drama industry is not independent enough. That's the biggest problem."

Yang said he refused some chances of commercial gala before, as he didn't want to compromise on the taste of his play. 

Like Yang, actor Qin Qidong is also struggling.

Over the past two years, he has been taking small parts in more than ten dramas.

But he's not very sure about the future.

"Compared with movie or TV actors and actresses, drama performers need more professional training and experiences. It's hard for a starter like me to get such chances."

For artists like Yang and Qin, their chances may lies here.

To encourage them in pursuing dream, the festival set up a play competition unit, offering an award of more than 32000 US dollar for the best play and about 10,000 dollars for the best artist.

SOUNDBITE (CHINESE) LAI SHENGCHUAN, Chinese director/ Competition judger:
"We hope to see some talented young artists here and support them to make more great plays."

So far, the organizing committee has received hundreds of play scripts.

The best 12 of them will be put on the stage during the festival.