Internet week in NY city

CNC reporting from New York
Added On May 24, 2013

Business and culture meet technology at Internet Week New York 2013 which kicked off earlier this week.

Some of the world’s pioneering tech companies come together to present the fun side of technology.

SOUNDBITE (ENGLISH) ANDREW, Google booth staff
"The GIF booth is like a gift bag from Google for the people who come here. Basically, we have a DSLR Cannon camera inside. We have some lighting. We have this chalkboard and people can come here and take 15 pictures. And we’ll turn it to GIF. And that will be played together like animation."

Apart from fun and art, new gimmick and cool gadgets, the event also tracks how technology affects every aspect of business, from food to fashion to healthcare and education.

US telecommunication giant AT&T brings its AT&T AdWorks to the internet week.

The cross-platform ad network connects advertisers with their target audiences across online, mobile and TV.

It provides data on user's habits to advertisers, helping them effectively design their ad campaigns.

"Okay, you are watching Jeopardy. Also in addition to watch Jeopardy, most people watch Jeopardy also watch Big Bang Theory and Judge Judy. So you can see the connection of all the different shows you are watching. So what it does is to give either competitive insights of what people are watching another program or other networks, and it also give you a better idea of who these people are watching these shows."

The internet week attracts more than 10,000 attendees through the week.

It will wrap up on Sunday.