Kabul gunfight

CNC report from Kabul
Added On May 25, 2013

Reports say at least eight people died in a fierce gunbattle in the Afghan capital Kabul, after Taliban militants launched an assault on a United Nations building.

The incident was the second major attack in Kabul in ten days.

The attack began late Friday afternoon.

Insurgents wearing suicide vests tried to storm a building of the International Office of Migration in Kabul.

When security guards at the site fought back, the militants took shelter in a civilian house nearby, triggering a massive gunfight that stretched into the night.

The neighborhood is home to several UN offices, diplomatic missions, and Afghan security installations.

The IOM, a Geneva-based organization affiliated with the UN, works around the world to improve management of cross-border migration.

Officials said the gunbattle lasted 10 hours before Afghan forces killed the last insurgent.

Reports said two Afghan civilians, an Afghan police officer, and five attackers were among the dead.

And at least 12 people were injured, including civilians and police.

The Taliban have launched their annual "spring offensive" with a flurry of bombings and attacks around the country.

About ten days ago, another suicide car bomb targeted a foreign military convoy in Kabul, killing 15 people including five Americans.