UK soldier murder

CNC report from London
Added On May 25, 2013

Britain's spy services are under pressure over whether they could have done more to prevent the murder of a soldier on the streets of London.

Both of the suspects accused of the killing had long been on the radar of domestic intelligence agencies.

But investigators say it would have been nearly impossible to predict that the men were to start a gruesome murder.

An outpouring of grief... over the slaughter of a British soldier.

Two knife-wielding suspects attacked a 25-year-old Afghan war veteran in broad daylight on Wednesday.

Michael Adebolajo and Michael Adebowale, both in their twenties, were armed with a meat cleaver and knives when they started the attack on a London street.

"I apologized that woman had to witness this today, but in our lands woman have to see the scene, you people would never be safe, move your government, they don't care about you."

The two suspects claim the attack was meant to revenge for wars in Muslim countries.

Mainstream British Muslim groups have condemned the killing, which was the first such strike in mainland Britain since 2005.

Both suspects are now under guard in hospital after being shot and arrested by police.

"It's always a tragedy, it's particularly poignant that it happened on the streets of this capital city of ours, but there's where our first thoughts lie. The same time, I think secondly, reflecting the very high morale of those of us in the armed forces, we're absolutely determined not to be intimidated into not doing the right thing."

The incident also raised questions on Britain's anti-terror policies and involvement on the ground.

The two suspects, both of Nigerian descent, had been known to security services before the attack.

Reports said one of the men had even been asked by domestic spy agency, MI5, whether he wanted to work for them, about six months before the brutal killing.

Prime Minister David Cameron said a parliamentary committee would carry out an investigation into the role of the security services.

"Britain works with our international partners to make the world safe from terrorism. Terrorism that has taken more Muslim lives than any other religion. It is an utter perversion of the truth to pretend anything different. That is why there is absolutely no justification for these acts. "

Security services in Britain operate under the principle of "proportionality", which a compelling reason is needed before any type of surveillance is undertaken.

And a former senior intelligence officer said it would be extremely difficult to detect such attacks even if the suspects had been known to authorities for years.