Australian zoo welcomes newborn white Rhino

CNC report from Sydney
Added On May 25, 2013

A rare white rhino was born born at a zoo in Australia, raising hopes that a breeding problem could help safeguard the creature for future generations.

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First time mother Mopani gave birth to the male calf at Taronga Western Plains Zoo in Dubbo of Australia's New South Wales.

Mopani contracted the illness while pregnant but survived to give birth to the healthy 45-50 kilogram calf.

Although the calf has not yet to be given a name, the zoo's latest arrival is already a favorite for staff and visitors.

The vast majority of white rhinos are found in five African countries ,where they are hunted for their valuable horns.

Zoo staff said that the new addition would be important as poaching is on the rise in his native Africa.

The zoo's rhinos are southern whites, the less endangered of the two white rhinoceros species.

According to environmental group World Wildlife Fund, some 20,000 southern whites are surviving in the wild.