UK slodier murder

CNC report from London
Added On May 26, 2013

Now the latest on the British soldier's murder case.

Three additional arrests have been made after British soldier Lee Rigby was gruesomely murdered in broad daylight in London last week.

The killing has sparked a public outrage as thousands of people took to the streets in protest.

Two men aged 24 and 28 were arrested Saturday at a residential address in London while a 21-year-old man was arrested in the street.

The three were arrested by detectives on suspicion of conspiracy to murder of the British soldier Lee Rigby.

The 25-year-old soldier was attacked and hacked to death in Woolwich in southeast London on Wednesday.

The attackers were later shot and wounded by police arriving on the scene and sent to separate hospitals.

Their injuries are not life threatening.

On Saturday afternoon, nearly 2,000 people from across Britain took to the streets in Newcastle to demonstrate against the killing.

The protestors were carrying placards and chanting slogans, walking along the streets under heavy police presence.

"We've got a lot of people who wouldn't have attended but who have attended today due to the horrific death and murder of Lee Rigby, the soldier who was beheaded. I think the show of support and the show from the locals is absolutely fantastic, brilliant. It's beyond all expectations of what we had today."

The protest, organized by English Defense League, took place without major incident.