Two foreigner Chinese dream

CNC report from Beijing
Added On May 27, 2013

The "Chinese dream" is a much-discussed concept that has been brought to prominence by President Xi Jinping.

The dream of a great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation is a dream of the whole nation, as well as of every individual.

Many foreigners come to China, pursuing their Chinese dreams.

Here, a group wedding ceremony was held in Tangshan Steel in Hebei Province.

A 31-year-old Italian, Francisco married her Chinese wife happily. They wear rings for each other.

Since 2007, 197 couples' wedding ceremony have been held by Tangshan Steel, and Francisco is the only foreign employee that married in the institution within 70 years.

Francisco is the second foreign expert that Tangshan Steel has employed.

He has been here since February and in charge of improving the automatization of the cold rolling mill line.

He said his ideal is to participate in building a worldwide competitive steel institution.

And for him, Tangshan Steel is a good place to fulfill his dream.

He said he has gained career and love together in China and wants to share the happiness with his colleagues in Tangshan Steel.

SOUNDBITE(ENGLISH, CHINESE) Francisco and his wife:
"In the future there may be more foreign employees like us, and I hope they can better integrate into this big family, we are willing to share the joy and happiness."
SOUNDBITE(CHINESE) LIU YIBING, Chairman of Tangshan Steel's Trade Union:
"Your choice, shows Tangshan Steel youth's loyalty to love, and demonstrates the enterprise development and your happiness are closely linked."
And Lauris, Tangshan Steel's first foreign expert is also come from Italia.

He is an experienced, skilled automation expert. A foreign expert studio in his name was set up in 2012.

Lauris once worked for Danieli Metallurgical Equipment, one of the biggest three metallurgical equipment manufacturers in the world.

From 2005 to 2006, he participated in the Tangshan Steel's galvanized pickling project and did it well. In this period, he met his Chinese wife and fell in love with her.
Lauris said China is the largest iron and steel producer.

In recent years, Chinese iron and steel enterprises have changed a lot and become more and more beautiful, which boosts his confidence to root in China. 
"Sometimes I believe destiny because my hometown is located in northeast like Tangshan and also suffered earthquake in 1976. So I have special feeling about this."

The team led by Lauris has completed a number of innovative projects.

Recently, his team was awarded "National Machinery Metallurgy Construction Systems Innovation Studio" title by China Machinery metallurgy and building materials trade union.

Now, Lauris was busy with four galvanizing production line upgrading in the company.  

"The first work is upgrading. These lines are in normal operation now, but the upgrade 5 to 6 years later will improve the product quality. Then we want the monitors to show Chinese instead of English. Although many workers here know English, they are more willing to work in Chinese, which is more convenient for Chinese people operate. Besides, the maintenance costswill be greatly reduced. Another is to achieve higher automation.higher automation does not mean a lot of people lose their jobs, because devices are always devices, they need people to operate."

Both Lauris and Francisco are foreign experts, but they said technology has no national boundaries.

They would like to pursue their dream, together with Chinese friends here.