China Germany to further economic ties

CNC reporting from Berlin
Added On May 28, 2013

On Monday, Chinese Premier Li Keqiang, who's on an official visit to Germany, said China and Germany could become an "economic dream team."

He said China will create better environment for the cooperation between Chinese and German firms, as well as other foreign companies.

While addressing German business community on Monday, Chinese Premier Li Keqiang said China's development means more chances for the world and it will provide a level playing field for foreign firms.

"China will continue to provide a market environment of fair competition and necessary convenience for foreign companies."

The Premier said China sticks to a peaceful development and is now striving for national revival and modernization, which demands further reform and opening-up... Ahnd new technology - a German strength.
He urged Chinese and German companies to work together, to boost cooperation between the two countries.

"China and Germany have established diplomatic ties for 40 years. The two nations' relationship has been developed well, though sometimes facing challenges. China and Germany have enjoyed a high level of political mutual trust, and their economies are highly complementary. The growing 'Made in China' and the mature 'Made in Germany' will be a happy pair."

In his speech, Li said that over the past two days he held talks with German leadership, as well as German entrepreneurs...

And that they have reached a new consensus over deepening the Sino-German strategic partnership.

Li also said China hopes to see a strong, united Europe...
But reiterated Beijing's opposition to the European Commission's trade probe launched into imports of Chinese mobile telecommunications products.

He urged Brussels to resist protectionism... and called for dialogue.
"This year marks the tenth anniversary of the establishment of China-EU comprehensive strategic partnership. China would like to work with the EU to enhance their strategic mutual trust, and properly settle their differences. The common interests are far greater than the differences between China and Europe."

German Chancellor, Angela Merkel, has opposed the probe.

While Philipp Rosler, Germany's Vice Chancellor and Minister of Economics and Technology, said China's fast development has promoted global economic growth and bilateral cooperation.
He called Germany and China true partners, saying both uphold free trade and open markets...

And that Germany would like to work with Beijing to expand cooperation further.

Including in manufacturing and new technology.

Bilateral trade hit 150 billion euros in 2011... With Germany accounting for a third of China's trade with the EU.

This includes high-quality German manufacturing machineary Chinese firms use to make their own products... Many of which are exported to Germany, along with Chinese electronics.

It also includes luxury German cars, such as BMW as Volkswagen, which have seen steadily growing demand in China.

And, after this high-level visit, Sino-German trade - and ties - look set to grow even further, in the decade ahead.