NBA Nation's Summer Hoops

CNC reporting from Los Angeles
Added On June 3, 2013

Hollywood is in an uproar as a star-studded team arrived in the city.

But, it has nothing to do with movies.

Fans are flowing into the city to get a glimpse of their favorite NBA stars.

As the NBA season enters its final stage, the NBA Nation presented summer hoops began its world tour, with Los Angeles being the second stop.

NBA Nation ambassador Darryl Dawkins, Dallas Mavericks player Darren Collison and other basketball players came to the Universal Studio CityWalk in Hollywood Saturday.

SOUNDBITE: DARREN COLLISON, Dallas Mavericks player
"It is a great experience. It is a great way to interact with the fans. We appreciate them so much through out the year, the support."

SOUNDBITE: MICHAEL GARCIA, NBA Nation Social Media coordinator
"I think just as a fan, you watch basketball, and you watch your favorite players and you want to do the things that they do. I know how that was for me when I growing up. So getting a chance to come out here and play and meet some of your favorite players, mascots, and dance teems, what a kid and what an adult does not want to do that, as a basketball fan."

NBA Nation is the world largest traveling playground interactive.

It is a customized 18-wheel truck that expands into a 20,000-square-foot basketball playground.

Fans of all ages could participate in a variety of activities, including competitions, basketball games and contests.

"It is a fun event, a family event. You can come and get autograph, get to play games, get to take free stuff, get to meet those cool players. So it is really good."

The event lasts through the weekend.