Turkey Protests

CNC reporting from Istanbul
Added On June 3, 2013

Massive anti-government demonstrations have continued into the third straight day in Turkey.

Fierce clashes have erupted again between protestors and riot police, with nearly 200 people wounded.

Another day of running street battles.

Tens of thousands of people protested in Turkey's four biggest cities on Sunday, marking the third day of the fiercest demonstrations in the country for years.

Police used water cannon and fired tear gas to push back protesters.

Reports say nearly 60 civilians and more than 110 police have been wounded in the clashes.

Several hundred are reportedly detained.

The unrest erupted on Friday as the government planned to turn a city park into a shopping center in Istanbul. Many feared they might lose one of the sprawling city's few green spaces.

And the protest quickly widened into a broad show of defiance against the ruling Justice and Development Party which has an Islamist root.

Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan has blamed the main secular opposition party for inciting the crowds. He says the protests are aimed at depriving his ruling party of votes in next year's elections. The opposition party has denied the allegation.

Turkey will hold local and presidential elections in 2014, in which Erdogan is expected to stand. Parliamentary polls will come in 2015.