Chinese City Combating PM 2.5

CNC reporting from Fuzhou
Added On June 7, 2013

This year, China's theme for World Environment Day is "Breathing and Working Together."

With controversially high PM 2.5 readings, the country is committed to taking tough measures to fight the pollution.

Fuzhou, capital of China's southeast Fujian Province, is determined to be on the front lines.

PM 2.5, or Particulate Matter smaller than 2.5 micrometers, is the primary cause of haze weather in China.

Containing a high degree of hazardous substance, PM 2.5 could increase the incidence of respiratory and cardiovascular diseases among its inhalers.

China's Ministry of Environmental Protection said in a January report that, among the country's 9.6 million sq meter territory, 1.3 million was affected by ash haze pollution.

SOUNDBITE: LIN ZIYONG, Spokesman of Fuzhou Environmental Protection Bureau
"The serious situation requires us to fight the pollution all-together. We need to do whatever we can in our daily lives."

Fuzhou has been following strict regulations to combat air pollution, including controlling coal consumption control and monitoring vehicle exhaust.

SOUNDBITE: LIN ZIYONG, Spokesman of Fuzhou Environmental Protection Bureau
"Coal burning is not allowed in the city. All buses are required to use clean energy like natural gas. We will also impose harder punishment on illegal waste incineration."

Environmental experts also suggest residents choosing public transportation over private cars, which are a major contributor to the haze weather.