Korean peninsula situation

CNC report from Seoul
Added On June 10, 2013

Seoul and Pyongyang have agreed to hold government-level talks on Wednesday and Thursday.

The meeting will be first of its kind since 2007.

It comes after months of high tensions between the two neighbors on the Korean Peninsula.

A handshake that paves the way for their first high-level talks in six years.

This comes after nearly 18 hours of negotiations between representatives of Pyongyang and Seoul that ended on early Monday.

SOUNDBITE (KOREAN) KIM HYUNG-SUK, South Korea Unification Ministry:
"The two sides have decided to hold a government-level meeting in Seoul on June 12th and 13th."

South Korea's Unification Ministry also says the two sides have reached a partial understanding on outstanding issues during their preparatory discussions at the border town of Panmunjom.

According to Pyongyang's official KCNA news agency, the upcoming meeting will cover issues including normalizing the operation of their joint industrial park Kaesong and resuming tours by South Koreans to Mount Kumgang. Reunion of families separated by the Korean War will also be discussed.

The report, however, fails to reveal who will lead Pyongyang's delegation for the talks.

The agreement on the meeting comes after tensions have been building on the Korean Peninsula since Pyongyang conducted its third nuclear test in February.

Pyongyang has also threatened nuclear war and missile strikes against Seoul and its ally Washington as a countermeasure against their joint military drills.