Green week in Brussels

CNC report from Brussels
Added On June 12, 2013

Europe's Green Week, the biggest annual conference on European environment policy is ongoing in Brussels.

Under the theme of “Cleaner air for all”, the three-day conference is to seek solution to air pollution across the European Union.

The “Green Week” event has brought together about 3000 participants from NGO organizations as well as national and European institutions to discuss air-related issues.

This year's conference focuses on finding ways to improve the quality of air.

Thanks to emission reductions on manufactories and transportation in these two years, this issue has been reached to a better solution.

Air pollution poses a threat to people’s health, causing unnecessary premature deaths as well as respiratory, cardiovascular and cancer diseases. It also generates high economic costs.

“Green Week” is a great opportunity for exchanging the experiences and different models already applied in the European countries.

The strong and clear signals from the governments are also important.

Europe has already some significant examples of good practices in overcoming the air pollution as for instance the Great Fog that affected London during December 1952. And as well as Japan did.