LA84 program promotion swimming

CNC report from Los Angeles
Added On June 12, 2013

Los Angeles is determined to inspire the younger generation with sports spirit.

LA84 Foundation, a private, nonprofit institute created by the city's Olympic Organizing Committee, is encouraging teenagers who have talents in the swimming pool.

LA84 Foundation president Anita L. DeFrantz and four-time Olympic gold medalist Janet Evans were present at a ceremony, where 20
young swimmers from LA84-funded programs demonstrated their skills in a new swimming pool.

A Summer Swim project funded by LA84 will officially begin on June 15 at public pools in 15 municipalities.

The project will offer free professional swimming lessons for kids from age 6 to 17. More than 1,5000 children will benefit from the program.

SOUNDBITE: ANITA L. DEFRANTZ, LA84 Foundation President
"Swimming is something that everybody needs to be able to do. We were born swimming. And we need to be able to swim once we were here. It helps you learn different sense of balance and if you could learn swim, you could learn other sports."

"I think it is a life skill, to teach children how to swim is a life skill. And unfortunately not all children have access to the life skill. And they have to have lessons. My mother does not know how to swim cause she never have swim lessons. So I think every child deserve a right to learn how to swim."

The LA84 Foundation is endowed with surplus funds from the 1984 Los Angeles Olympic Games. It is to serve youth through sport and to increase knowledge of sport and its impact on people's life.