Heath Ledger Scholarship in LA

CNC reporting from Los Angeles
Added On June 15, 2013

15 young actors and actresses were honored with 2013 Heath Ledger scholarship in Los Angeles, California Wednesday, for their excellent and promising acting work.

Lifestyles has the story.

Held by non-profit organization "Australians in Films", many celebrities from entertainment industry came to support these emerging artists and the legacy of the legendary actor Heath Ledger.

SOUNDBITE (ENGLISH) KIM LEDGER, Father of Heather Ledger:
"Yes, we tried to get here because we think it's an honorable thing, and we believe, you know, the opportunity that the event can afford the person who are in the far or somebody who win, you know, just give them another little chance to kind of, you know, implant themselves in the industry here somewhere."

"He (Heath Ledger) is obviously one of the greatest actors, you know, and we gonna remember him. It's just so cool they have this scholarship, so the young folks hopefully could come through and follow his footstep."

Created in 2008 in memory of "Australians in Film" ambassador Heath Ledger, the scholarship was established to capture Heath's generous spirit and serve the mission to help and celebrate Australian filmmakers.

The Heath Ledger Scholarship provides talented Australian actors in the early stage of their careers the chance to travel to the US to further their training and international acting opportunities.

"I think Australians are having this glorious kind of couple of years in LA, so I think we need to not afraid to really sell us out. This is one of the vehicles that we can use to really put ourselves out there."

"It's incredibly overwhelming, and exciting. It's a real thrill, I'm always have a good reason to come out to LA rather than a speculative trip, and I'm really blown away by how welcoming everyone in this organization has been and how big this event is, it's a really exciting."

Australian actors is always a very important group in Hollywood industry. The actors like Heath Ledger, the Academy Award winner who deceased in 2008, other phenomenal actors include Nicole Kidman from "Moulin Rouge", Hugh Jackman the "Wolverine", and Naomi Watts the girl from "King Kong" had all made up Australian history in Hollywood.

For all the accomplishments from those great actors, "Australian in Film", which founded in 2001 is to celebrate outstanding Australian filmmakers and performers in the United States while inspiring, uniting and developing the next generation.