Stradivarius Exhibit in Ashemolean Museum

CNC report from London
Added On June 15, 2013

The Ashmolean Museum’s going to celebrate its 330th birthday with exhibition of the glories of Western art—Stradivarius. Twenty one of Antonio Stradivari’s surviving instruments are on staged.

Antonio Stradivarius is the only maker of musical instruments whose name ranks alongside those of the great composers.

This exhibition explores his life and work on making instruments, some of which are displayed in public for the first time.

“It’s wonderful, it’s really inspiring to see so many beautiful instruments together,and also have a chance to hear them, because they are just unique, I mean Stradivarius is never been bettered in the quality of the instruments it makes.”

“It’s a really good opportunity for us, as an expert as well a violin maker and really what was going on with Stradivarius and why he is a great maker.”

Many displaying instruments were dating from Stradivarius’s ‘Golden Period’ of 17 century, when of laying out the model of violins and cellos in the present.

The Ashmolean houses Stradivari’s best-preserved and most famous instrument, the ‘Messiah’ violin, and other precious and valuble works also exhibits.

SOUNDBITE: JON WHITELEY, Exhibition Organiser
"In this exhibition, we have been able to borrow the ‘Papper Pattens’ that used in order to make one of the cellos, the Batta-Piatigorsky, which is in this exhibition. Now, the Batta-Piatigorsky is probably not only one of the greatest cellos in the world, its one of the greatest string instrument to survive anywhere."

The exhibition runs from June 13th untill August the 11th.