Power women, power tools

CNC report form Los Angeles
Added On June 17, 2013

Construction and building works are normally recognized as carried by males mainly.

However, enthusiastic girls in Los Angeles prove that they can do the work as good as men.

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Over 200 females gathered at the 9th annual "Power Women, Power Tools" event to build walls for people in need in Culver City of Los Angeles.

The main goal for the ladies here is to build walls. The wall they build will be donated as the framework for many warm and inviting homes for the people who need in the community.

Under the instructions of the constructionist, they picked up the lumber and started their one-of-a-kind building experience.

"It puts a faith on people on to, so many people has lost their home, and Habitat for Humanity has been around for so long, and really giving people who have lost their home, houses again. It’s such a great program, it’s such a charity. I just want to be part of it. Especially as a woman, we can use tools, too. Sometimes people think it’s just manly job, it’s not. We can hammer and nail, I think."

"I’ve done this several times, and it’s really great. It’s fabulous, cause you know, you start from the beginning. I’ve been in different stages, different habitats where I ended up painting, I ended up, you know, when you see it all finished. You see it from beginning, and then you see it finished, and people live in there, it’s really fabulous, fabulous feeling."

As one of the major charity events in California, "Power Women, Power Tools" is organized by Habitat for Humanity of Greater Los Angeles.

This organization is strived to eliminate substandard housing through advocacy, education, and partnership with families and individuals in need to build decent, affordable, and sustainable homes.

"Habitat for Humanity of Greater Los Angeles is looking for a way to engage more women in our work to reach out some of the female executives in Los Angeles, so 9 years ago, we created “Power Women, Power Tools”. It takes away the intimidations of coming to a build site when you don’t maybe know construction as women and, you know, because it is all women out here building and it gives people a really hands on way to experience habitat mission."

The event is widely open to the females in the general society, they encourage people to get involved to make our community better and devote more to the people in need.

"I think traditionally, construction is a field that women are a little intimidated to get involved with, but it’s very empowering, so we you come out, and build these walls today, and you frame these windows and doors, you know that wall is gonna be standing testament to your volunteers as you made commitment to the community for years and years to come."

Since 1990, the organization has built and renovated more than 800 homes locally and worldwide, transforming the lives of thousands of individuals.