Asian Americans win prestigious business awards

CNC report from New York
Added On June 21, 2013

Asian Americans, meanwhile, are doing some great work in the field of business. The community's leading lights were honored Wednesday at the 12th Annual Outstanding 50 Asian Americans in Business Awards in New York.

The event honored 50 Asian-American business owners, executives and professionals. Raj Dhanda from Morgan Stanley and Dr. Mehmood Khan of PepsiCo received the top honor, the Pinnacle award, which is given to individuals who have reached the highest level of their professional fields.

SOUNDBITE (ENGLISH) DR.MEHMOOD KHAN, Executive Vice President of PepsiCo
"This is special because I am an Asian origin, I am an Asian American and to be recognized by my own colleagues and peers from my own community. At a personal level it is very special."

The recipients are widely acknowledged as leaders in their industries. They come from diverse ethnic backgrounds, including India, Japan, Malaysia, Pakistan, Singapore and China.

For many, recognition as one of the Outstanding 50 is more than a personal reward.

SOUNDBITE (ENGLISH) PETER WU, China Construction America Vice President
"Today I am very pleased and proud to get award of this outstanding fifty Asian Americans in Business. I recognize this award is not only to myself but also to everybody in China Construction America. And this is the highest recognition to the remarkable achievement of China Construction America in US during the past twenty eight years."

The Asian American Business Development Center has given out the awards since 2001, aiming to recognize individuals who have shown outstanding leadership and made great contributions to the general economy.

John Wang, the president of AABDC believes that it is necessary to recognize the achievements of Asian Americans.

"We honor the Outstanding 50 honoree each year to certainly, to call to the attention to their success and their accomplishment in the large economy, as well as individual accomplishment, that we wanna recognize their achievement by giving them the recognition."

The Outstanding 50 is the largest Asian American business award program in the US.