David Carradine at Hollywood

CNC report from LOS ANGELES
Added On June 24, 2013

On last Friday, the Hollywood Museum kicked off its newest exhibit "The barefoot legend: David Carradine - a contemporary renaissance man."

Many fans came to take a look on the opening day.

The exhibition features more than 600 items including costumes, props and personal letters. The sword from "Kill Bill" and his personal sword collection are the highlights of this exhibition.

"He (David) can do anything. He is such a good actor. He is so well respected for his acting talent, for the parts he can play whether it's his director Quentin Tarantino or other actors he has worked with, whether is Micheal Madsen and on and on. There are so many. They all think that he is just the best in his craft."

David Carradine was born in 1936 and died in 2009. Best known as the title role of Bill in Quentin Tarantino's "Kill Bill" movies, he was an actor as well as a musician and a writer.

As a Hollywood legend, David Carradine started his acting career in the 60s and made over 200 movies since then. In the 70's, he took over Bruce Lee and starred in TV series "Kung Fu", which soon made him a famous Hollywood Kung Fu star. Thus, costumes and props from "Kung Fu" also attract many fans.

"I think it seems very neat, and traditional and they have the parts that are Asian."

"He is always kind of playing tough guy, bad guy, kind of personal. I have not watched a lot of his movies, but it is interesting."

The exhibition started on June 21st and will last for the whole summer.