New US commerce secretary confirmed

CNC report from Washington
Added On June 26, 2013

The U.S. Senate on Tuesday confirmed hotel magnate Penny Pritzker as the new secretary of commerce.

Pritzker is a long-time supporter of President Barack Obama and one of his most valuable fundraisers.

The Senate backed President Obama's pick of Pritzker by a sweeping vote of 97 to 1.

Pritzker also spoke to the Senate Commerce Committee during her confirmation hearing.

She says Obama wants her to be "a bridge between the administration and the business community".

The president says he's pleased the Senate took bipartisan action to confirm Pritzker as the next Commerce Secretary.

He says Pritzker is a proven leader, a successful entrepreneur, and one of the most accomplished and highly-respected women in business today.

Obama is confident that the newly-chosen commerce secretary will be a key member of his economic team.

And Obama stresses he'll continue to work to grow the U.S. economy and strengthen the middle class.