New Australia PM sworn in

CNC report from Canberra
Added On June 27, 2013

A dramatic return of Kevin Rudd.

Rudd was sworn in as Australia's new prime minister on Thursday, about three years after he was ousted from the job by Julia Gillard.

The 55-year-old's return came after a leadership ballot on Wednesday, in which Gillard, the country's first female premier, was deposed in a party-room vote.

"Kevin Rudd has been elected as leader of the federal Parliamentary Labor Party I congratulate Mr Rudd on his election."
"In view of his election I have written to the Governor-General asking her to commission Rudd as Prime Minister of Australia. I will shortly leave from this Parliament to see the Governor-General on this matter."
"In accordance with the pledge I gave earlier today I announce that I will not recontest the federal electorate of Labor at the forthcoming federal election."

"Let me make some remarks before I turn to the Deputy Prime Minister Anthony Albanese. In 2007 the Australian people elected me to be their Prime Minister that is a task that I resume today with humility, with honor and with an important sense of energy and purpose."
"In recent years politics had failed the Australian people there’s just been too much negativity all round. There’s been an erosion of trust, negative destructive personal politics which has done much to bring dishonor to our Parliament but done nothing to address the urgent challenges facing our nation, our communities, our families."
"In fact it’s been holding our country back and all this must stop. With all my heart that is the purpose I intend to pursue as the office of Prime Minister."

It's a stunning turnaround for the former premier who will now lead Labor to elections scheduled for September.

But recent polls show Rudd's party is set to lose to Tony Abbott's conservative opposition in the vote.