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CNC report from London
Added On June 30, 2013

If you could remember one thing, what would that be?

This year, the Victoria and Albert Museum invites visitors to a "Walk In" story which brings a fictional work to life by the British Indian author Hari Kunzru.

Visitors can walk in and experience the future vision of the city of London.

The Victoria and Albert Museum hosts a new exhibition and presents it in an unique form.

Created by author Hari Kunzru, the exhibition depicts the dystopian vision of the future.

20 artists including illustrators, graphic designers, information designers and typographers have commissioned to turn Kunzru's words into art. 

They have been asked to interpret a different passage of Kunzru's text to create immersive experience of specifically commissioned works that collectively tell the story.

Set in London several hundred years after the global information infrastructure was wiped out by a huge electrical storm.

Nature has taken over the city and all form of memory and technology have been lost. All people's life has been turned into simplicity.

SOUNDBITE(ENGLISH) LIGAYA SALAZAR, Co-curator of the Memory Palace
"It's really nice that people are really engaging with the ideas to write and draw in order to get involved."

The exhibition explores the way in which words and images interact and how stories are told and re-told from different perspective. 

Visitors are able to walk through the installation and read the story as well as experience the relationship between the page and exhibition space. 

To leave one's memory, visitors can also put drawing and writing on the screen, which will eventually be part of legacy of this project.

"We're really interesting to present a real speculum of this practice. Within the practitioner r we have here, there are all sorts of media but also we really played ideas of illustrations and graphics coming off the page and into the exhibition space."

The project is the second to be selected as part of the Sky Arts Ignition Series, which will see Sky Arts partner with 6 leading arts organizations to invest directly in the creation of new, and pioneering art works

The Memory Palace will start from 18th June until 20th October.