S Korea president in China

CNC report from Beijingt
Added On June 30, 2013

Republic of Korea President Park Geun-hye is continuing her four-day visit in China.

On Friday, she met with Chinese Premier Li Keqiang, and addressed a business forum in Beijing.

Premier Li Keqiang said China and the ROK are good neighbors and important partners, citing increasing political trust and more common ground in development strategies and goals.

Li called on the two countries to take a longer view and a more aggressive attitude, deepen cooperation in trade and the economy, investment, finance and new energy, and speed up the construction of the Free Trade Area.

And Li briefed Park on China's economy, saying China's economic restructuring and upgrading will offer more room for China-ROK cooperation.

In regards to the situation on the Korean Peninsula, Li said China's stance on seeking a nuclear-free peninsula is consistent, clear and firm.
For her part, Park said the ROK would like to deepen pragmatic cooperation with China in all fields, expand investment in China's central and western regions and sign the FTA agreement at an early date...

Park recognized China's role in resolving issues on the Korean Peninsula, saying the ROK would like to maintain close communication and consultation with China in this regard.

Also on Friday, Park attended a China-ROK business forum held in Beijing.

She said economic cooperation between the two countries in the past has mainly depended on trade and investment.

...And the two sides need to extend cooperation into industries with high added-value.

She also urged the two sides to build a more stable trade structure, by expanding domestic demand and further exploring each other's markets.

China and the ROK have held five rounds of free trade agreement talks since last year, with the sixth round to be held in the ROK in early July.

China is the ROK's largest trade partner, and the ROK is China's third-largest trade partner.

The total volume of exports and imports of goods between the two countries reached 73 billion U.S. dollars during the January-April period, up 6 percent year on year.

Park arrived in Beijing on Thursday for her first state visit to China since taking office in February.

Chinese President Xi Jinping and Park reached a series of agreements during their talks on Thursday.